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Whole Earth Peanut Butter Stickyjack

Peanut Butter Stickyjack


Product description

The Stickyjacks are probably the nicest thing I have ever eaten ...
Jayne | London
Peanut Butter Stickyjack
Our latest creation,
We have taken our 'Original Stickyjack' and added a generous quantity crunchy peanut butter -
this is quite frankly our best invention, yet truly the most outrageous indulgent treat!
A crisp buttery oat biscuit base topped with mouth sticking crunchy peanut butter,
dark chocolate and bitter sweet sticky caramel and finished with a crumble crunch oaty topping. 
Snickers bar meets flapjack meets millionaire shortbread.


As one fan put it, “It has to be tasted to be believed!” 

1 Stickyjack Bar
Minimum Weight 675g
Cuts into 12 - 15 generous portions

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